We investigate for a better future

We are the result of a concern

Improve our quality of life and the environment where we live


Learning from nature, we combine and optimize the best and most advanced technologies in the world, to offer solutions and improvements to our customers, generating cost savings, productivity increases and, above all, greater economic and health benefits.

Our philosophy is oriented towards a more ecological and sustainable business economy and to a society where the term environmental technology prevails. Not only do we respect nature, but also contribute to improve it by providing new solutions that preserve and purify it.

Improve with us


GrafeTECH bases its reason of being on principles that we define in the values ​​that identify us, our mission in the market, and the concrete vision that motivates us to reach our goals.

Our values are supported by two fundamental pillars



Providing sustainable solutions for the environment, but always under the prudence and excellence in the quality of our products.



We are pioneers and a reference in research and commercialization of nanotechnological products. In order to continue to maintain this advantage against the competition, we can’t lose the rhythm in the achievement of objectives, in order to continue generating a demand in the international market that from the beginning sees us as leaders.



We develop and commercialize the best nanotechnological products in surface protection and purification of air and water, with an efficient R & D & I department that in turn collaborates with the best independent laboratories, so that we can add to our project the great advances of science and its developments for the market.



We consolidate as an international reference in nanotechnology products characterized by certification, quality and an affordable price.